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Peruvian Refinement

Tarapoto High Rainforest

May 27-June 2  2018

 The Sacred Valley &

Machu Picchu   

June 2-8  2018

Tarapoto High Rainforest

MAy 27- June 2   2018

The towering jungle mountains of the northern Andes range serve as a lush gateway between the  coastal and desert like areas of western Peru and the abundant Amazon River Basin to the east. The plentitude of tropical fruits, fresh water, and verdant plant life has served as a home for a number of tribal communities across South America. Here the traditions of plant medicine and energetic connections with the natural world remain, and it is here our Peruvian adventure begins.

Mother Ayahuasca

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; 
mastering yourself is true power.”

Lao TzuTao Te Ching

In the evening, wrapped in the cooling air and nocturnal symphony of frogs and insects, take an inward journey with ancient and healing shamanic ceremony of inner exploration, expansion, and joy. Coming together in ceremony, Master Shipiba curandera (healer/shaman), Amelia Panduro, will guides us through 3 nights with the plant medicine Ayahuasca.  Amelia creates a space for expansion and deep meditation using ancient healing songs called “icaros” as a catalyst for unwinding many physical and emotional ailments. Sacred plant ceremonies serve as a powerful teacher in learning to know oneself better and bringing realization of our full potential in a world that often distracts us from our heart’s true voice.

Tambo Ilusión Conservatory

  Located in a pristine ecological conservation area, Tambo Ilusión provides the perfect setting for a well deserved week of alignment with our higher selves. During the day, experience restorative and energetic yoga and meditation practices. You can relax and swim in our spring fed lagoon or take a stroll to connect with the multitudes of medicinal plants in our ever expanding garden. All nourished with perfectly prepared vegetarian meals to further boost your health and mental relaxation.

Outward Expansion

Throughout the week, we will take a tour of a small mountain side organic farm with swimming and picnic along the Ahuashiyacu River. There we will bask in the mountainous vistas and explore the rainforest ecosystem. Upstream, we take a tour of the grand Ahuashiyacu Waterfall, truly a local marvel.

  A one hour massage is certainly needed, and a little shopping at the local artisanal markets is always a joy to find keepsakes of your journey. 

  Finally, we will visit La Laguna Azul (home to many medicinal plants and famous for mermaids) for an excellent fish lunch, a boat tour of the lagoon, swimming, and soaking in the view.​

ALL INCLUSIVE  $1850 Early  Registration
Continue below for registration 

 Tarapoto High Rainforest May 27-June 2 

Includes Return Flights Lima-Tarapoto

 ($1000 non refundable deposit required before March 15th)

$200 Discount  When Booked Together with Sacred Valley and Machu PIcchu...Continue below  

- Double room occupancy and 3 vegetarian meals daily (Two meals, breakfast and lunch, on nights of ceremony, as we fast in the evening to prepare for the plants)  

  •  Note: +$800 Additional for single occupancy supplement  

- Domestic flights between Lima-Tarapoto and transportation from local airport in Tarapoto, Peru to Tambo Ilusión as well as transport to all planned excursions.

- Daily 2 hours of yoga and meditation with Rich D’Amaru, including a 2 hour Q&A workshop to help clarify and deepen your personal practice.

- 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies, held on alternating nights. (Ceremonies are optional, please contact us for more details)

- Bano de Plantas (sacred bath with healing plants) using several native species to cleanse the body and spirit. Excellent to take prior to an ayahuasca ceremony.

- One hour massage 

MAchu Picchu and the sacred valley of the incas

June 2-8  2018

Machu Picchu
Savor the Moment
Savor the MAgic

If the myriad of hues of the rainforest weren’t enough of an explanation as to why Peru’s unofficial flag is the rainbow, a journey to the Sacred Valley, land of the Q’ero earth priests, will make it all too clear. Here we witness the stark contrast of desert dryness nestled amongst the majestic white capped Apu’s, the mountains that explode upwards from mother earth and have protected the valley for millenia.

We take a day to expand and connect deep with our Earth mother and the spirits of the land during a full day hike through the ruins of Chincheros along the Inca trail with the cactus teacher Huachuma, also known as San Pedro.

  The Maras salt flats are a geographical wonder. The terrain is a splendid work of natural art; the salty remnants of a land once completely submerged under the ocean. Close by we will sit in the peaceful sunken rings of Moray, which some believe to be a genius system of ancient agriculture, while others feel it has more a extraterrestrial use. 

Yoga Mandala

  Nestled amongst the majestic mountains of the Sacred Valley, at the base of a beautiful waterfall, Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley Retreat Center provides the personal privacy and solitude ideal for your own spiritual growth. The eco-friendly center has been designed sourcing local materials to have the least possible impact on the surrounding ecosystem and maintains a virtual non polluting operation. 

  Yoga Mandala offers a variety of choices to suit your personal taste of home for the retreat. Standard accommodations are double room with options for single or triple room subject to availability

  Rest assured, whatever your budget, the living quarters and amenities are impeccable, comfortable, and luxurious.

Cactus,Ruins, and Rainbows

  The local markets of Pisac and Urubamba shine with every color imaginable, from the countless fruits and vegetables, to the fine hand woven garments of Alpaca wool and expertly crafted jewelry and keepsakes.

   From Ollantaytambo, a still inhabited Inca town that lies beneath cliffside ruins, we will take a glass top train 2 hours along the picturesque Urubamba River to Aguas Calientes, the market town at the foot of Machu Picchu, before making our ascent to behold the wonder of the Inca kings. 

  In Cuzco, the famed city of the Sacred Valley, we will watch the sun take its evening descent from the hillside of the Temple of the Moon before enjoying some fine dining, shopping and exploration of the luminous Plaza de Armas.

ALL INCLUSIVE*  $1900 Early  Registration
Continue below for registration 

Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley Jun 2-8

Includes Flight from Tarapoto-Cusco

 ($1000 non refundable deposit required before March 15th)

$200 Discount  When Booked Together with
Tarapoto High Rainforest

- Double room occupancy and breakfasts daily (*Due to the amount of traveling, only breakfast is included in meals as we will have opportunities to enjoy many of the local restaurants and market foods.  

  •  Note: +$500 Additional for single occupancy supplement

- Daily 2 hours of yoga and meditation with Rich D’Amaru 

-Guided Huachuma (San Pedro) excursion through Chincheros and Inca Trail with Baño de Plantas

-Domestic flight from Tarapoto to Cuzco. We end in Cuzco as many times people want to continue their travels after the group and are not ready to return to Lima. You are responsible for return to Lima to make your international flight home.

-Transportation including transfer from airport, all sites, 1.5hour train to Machu Picchu and bus to summit. Additional transportation may apply for meals and unplanned adventures!

-Entrance fees to all sites and Machu Picchu.

The whole Package

May 27-JUne 8

Package Deal
Getting tHere

International arrival will pass through customs in Lima. You must assure your arrival to take flights from Lima to Tarapoto on the morning of the May 27. For this reason it is highly recommended to arrive to Lima very early morning or spend the night of the 26th.

Flights from Lima-Tarapoto-Lima-Cusco are included in the journey. Please note that getting to Lima from Cusco (June 8) is your own responsibility as many people travel longer in Peru or elsewhere and I can not anticipate everyone's flight schedule.

As we proceed into our fourth year organizing this journey, we wish to convey the depth of intention put into the process for the entire journey to maximize both for your enjoyment and personal growth while with us in Peru. With this in mind, we highly recommend joining us for the full 12 days. This is to ensure time to integrate the deeper shamanic work we will be doing as well as providing you with a broader view of all the magic Peru has to offer. It is our wish that this program creates a long lasting impression on the way you express your life that will ripple out to all those that have the good fortune to meet you. We can't wait to see you in Peru! - Rich D'Amaru &Team 

12  Nights  In the magical lands of Peru

Early registration offer: $3550

all inclusive (see notes above in journey descriptions)

Registration & $1000 Deposit before March 15, 2018

$3800 After March 15, 2018

Full Balance Due May 1, 2018

Please Contact Rich D'Amaru :


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