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Elemental Awakening

Tarapoto High Rainforest

June 17-24  2018


Rich D'Amaru & Bonnie Stewart


Join us for a journey of alchemy as we connect with the elements to bring renewal and transformation into our lives.  Through honoring of the elements we can rediscover a path towards understanding of what we need most in our lives at any moment and bring balance into the energies we experience.


The towering jungle mountains of the northern Andes range serve as a lush gateway between the  coastal and desert like areas of western Peru and the abundant Amazon River Basin to the east. The plentitude of tropical fruits, fresh water, and verdant plant life has served as a home for a number of tribal communities across South America. Here the traditions of plant medicine and energetic connections with the natural world remain, and it is here our Peruvian adventure begins.

Mother Ayahuasca

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; 
mastering yourself is true power.”

Lao TzuTao Te Ching

In the evening, wrapped in the cooling air and nocturnal symphony of frogs and insects, take an inward journey with ancient and healing shamanic ceremony of inner exploration, expansion, and joy. Coming together in ceremony, Master Shipiba curandera (healer/shaman), Amelia Panduro, will guides us through 3 nights with the plant medicine Ayahuasca.  Amelia creates a space for expansion and deep meditation using ancient healing songs called “icaros” as a catalyst for unwinding many physical and emotional ailments. Sacred plant ceremonies serve as a powerful teacher in learning to know oneself better and bringing realization of our full potential in a world that often distracts us from our heart’s true voice.

Tambo Ilusión Conservatory

  Located in a pristine ecological conservation area, Tambo Ilusión provides the perfect setting for a well deserved week of alignment with our higher selves. During the day, experience restorative and energetic yoga and meditation practices. You can relax and swim in our spring fed lagoon or take a stroll to connect with the multitudes of medicinal plants in our ever expanding garden. All nourished with perfectly prepared vegetarian meals to further boost your health and mental relaxation.

Outward Expansion

  The seclusion of the rainforest offers a unique environment to explore the elements in their most raw and abundant forms. Throughout the week, we will dedicate each day to earth, water, fire, air, heart, and spirit to refine our being. We will understand how to work with each element to create a life experience that is most in alignment with our heart's wish through a series of powerful practices, elemental rituals, songs, and movements.

  To continue our adventures, we will take a tour of a small mountain side organic farm with swimming and picnic along the Ahuashiyacu River. There we will bask in the mountainous vistas and explore the rainforest ecosystem. Upstream, we take a tour of the grand Ahuashiyacu Waterfall, truly a local marvel.

  Finally, we will visit La Laguna Azul (home to many medicinal plants and famous for mermaids) for an excellent fish lunch, a boat tour of the lagoon, swimming, and soaking in the view.​


I took part in Triple Vision’s 2015 Peru Retreat and I must say that it was an adventure that I will never forget. First of all, Rich D’Amaru is committed to social awareness and spiritual enlightenment and his ability to share his knowledge and experiences with others is very organic. The classes, exertions, and ceremonies are never forced and always offered to each person with good will and positive energy. To experience a new culture in a foreign land with Rich and the groups he puts together is simply inspiring. You will meet all walks of life and somehow feel like you have known them for a long while. The journey in it of itself is physical with yoga and ceremonies and hikes through the land upon which you are visiting, but your tour guide, so to speak, takes great care to be sure you are always comfortable and aides in keeping your mind open and able to make the most out of the experiences you are presented with. Rich creates a safe space for all and plans retreats that are truly life changing. His ability to be versatile with weather and any bumps in the road is rather amazing and you never feel as though you skipped a beat. He uses his travelling experience and calm strength to keep his finger on the pulse of your experience and I truly feel with each person he is able to share new experiences with the more enriched his own life becomes and you feel that. When a new retreat is posted and planned, seriously consider signing up. You will be in good hands and so thrilled that you decided to take an adventure with him.

Melissa C. 2015 USA

Rich is an amazing shaman. His ayahuasca ceremony was the best thing I have ever done in my life. He has a spectacular way of holding space and although there were many of us I felt very individually taken care of. The songs and chants were amazing and held me throughout my experience the entire time. He comes from a deep heart space that I feel really directs the whole journey. Although I had lots of learning and releasing to do, I continually felt it in such a loving way. It was also amazing that when I did go into a darker space, Rich or one of his team members was right there to bring me back into a positive, loving space.


I had no idea what to expect going in and was kind of nervous. However, when I got there I felt totally at ease, safe, and comfortable. The space he had set up was inviting, warm and welcoming.  He explained what might and might not happen and laid out everything for the night. We received it in two doses and what an experience!! What was shown to me and what I saw about myself and the universe, the release of limiting thoughts, the love I felt, the surrender to ayahuasca and the universal heart, the letting go and so much more, was something indescribable. I overcame so much fear and limitation. I can finally see me; the truth of who and what I am. There are so many lessons that I will carry out and continually grow from after this experience. I want to do more ceremonies with Rich and completely and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is looking to Ayahuasca. If you are looking to make a journey into yourself, get to know the nature of the universe, and grow as a person this is for you! Thank you so much for the wonderful gift!!

Vanessa Holmes USA, 2018

ALL INCLUSIVE  $1950 Early  Registration
Continue below for registration 

 Tarapoto High Rainforest June 17-24

Includes Return Flights Lima-Tarapoto

 ($1000 non refundable deposit required before

May 15th)

Please Contact Rich D'Amaru :


Getting tHere

International arrival will pass through customs in Lima. You must assure your arrival to take flights from Lima to Tarapoto (included) on the morning of the June 17. For this reason it is highly recommended to arrive to Lima very early morning or spend the night of the June 16. Return flight to Lima will be on the morning or early afternoon of June 24.

- Double room occupancy and 3 vegetarian meals daily (Two meals, breakfast and lunch, on nights of ceremony, as we fast in the evening to prepare for the plants)  

  •  Note: +$800 Additional for single occupancy supplement  

- Domestic flights between Lima-Tarapoto and transportation from local airport in Tarapoto, Peru to Tambo Ilusión as well as transport to all planned excursions.

- Daily 2 hours of yoga and meditation with Rich D’Amaru and Bonnie Stewart, including a 2 hour Q&A workshop to help clarify and deepen your personal practice.

- 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies, held on alternating nights. (Ceremonies are optional, please contact us for more details)

- Bano de Plantas (sacred bath with healing plants) using several native species to cleanse the body and spirit. Excellent to take prior to an ayahuasca ceremony.

- One hour massage 

Rich D'Amaru 500- RYT, Pampa Mesayoq, Ayahuascero


For the better part of the last decade I have been immersed in the multitude of yoga teachings across many lineages as well as a deep study of the various shamanic healing arts in South America. I tend to redirect questions about what style of yoga I teach, as I have thoroughly enjoyed Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and various of the other cleverly thought out styles and philosophies of yoga and movement medicines. I feel there is wisdom to be gleaned from all of these art forms, and incorporate aspects of all of them into my offerings for my students. The path towards union is as varied as the faces of those that practice. I've been blessed to be both student and teacher across many parts of the world, from bustling cities like New York London, Barcelona, and the Florida Keys, to deep in the rainforest of Peru and Brazil, Key West, Thailand, Bali, and in the presence of masters in India. The amazing list of countries I've had the honor to be of service in is ever growing.


My path to the self has included deep immersion and study in the shamanic arts, studying with individuals and tribes alike, including the people of the Shipibo, Matses, and Yawanawa. Many of the lessons I've learned regarding our truest nature and the workings of our energetic body are interwoven into my teaching style. I am ever grateful for my students, and honored to hold space for their development. The gathering and growing of my global tribe is the highest honor and gift.  Warmest hugs!

Bonnie Stewart 500- ERYT, RN

My path is that of the wild yogini. My bhakti guides include neem karoli Baba, Ram Dass, and Amma. The bridge to Hatha Yoga was drawn by my teacher dr. Chintamani Gautam, with whom I completed 500 hours of teacher training in Nepal.


My journey with the sacred plant medicine is what ultimately brought me to the Divine Mother, and my ultimate devotion is to the Goddess. This devotion led me to the Shakta Tantra path with my initiation into the Kaula Tantra lineage reinforcing my alignment with Kali and Durga as well as the Goddess within.


Along the way, I developed a passion for the Sanskrit language as well as the harmonium and kirtan and I love infusing medicine ceremonies with bhakti.


I have been a registered nurse for over 15 years, with a background in cardiac and Trauma Critical Care. I previously obtained a bachelor's degree in nutrition and exercise physiology and I have studied various modalities of sound healing, energy work, and body work around the world with many esteemed teachers.


Healing the body from within and without, finding the joy and juiciness and life, and maximizing my vitality has been a long personal Journey for me. I am currently in the practice of self-love and loving-kindness with myself. I have used what I have learned to help others along their journey of healing through intuitive bodywork and energy work.


Ultimately, I serve the Universal Mother by holding my brothers and sisters in a space of unconditional love. I am honored to hold space for you and to nurture you through your transformational process.

Much love and Jai Maa!

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