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Sacred Cacao

Food of the Gods

The Maya and Aztecs valued the cacao bean as such a sacred medicinal plant that it was also regarded as a source of currency. When introduced to European discoverers, they were so impressed with its medicinal properties that they named it "Theobroma", translated directly as "Food of the Gods".  The Cacao Spirit has long been used as one of the most potent facilitators for deep inner reflection, strength, heart health, and love. Those who use Cacao as a guide for their spiritual exploration work often find it to be a profound teacher nestled with a gentle experience. Cacao brings you to the door of your consciousness, allowing you to choose the depth in which you want to work. You may take your experience as far as you are ready for. "Heart Opening" is easily the most common phrase participants use to describe their initiation into the spirit of Cacao.

An Indigenous myth tells us: Whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people's hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony.

Heart's Blood
  • "Yollotl Eztli" , the Aztec word for Cacao, translates as heart’s blood.

  • Oxytocin, one of the active components in Cacao, promotes the brain chemistry of falling deeply in love.

  • Blood flow to the brain is increased 30-40% with a ceremonial dose of Cacao.

  • Being the strong bitter it is, Cacao can stimulate the liver to detox.

The journey inward
An indigenous legend teaches

Whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao reemerges from the rainforest to open people's hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony.

  • Together, we will meet in circle and open sacred space for the ceremony. Here we take a moment to meet and greet our tribe, set intentions, and discuss how the ceremony will flow.

  • After drinking our warm Cacao preparation together, we will lead the circle through some simple breathing techniques and very gentle yoga postures to open the mind and energy body for the inner journey. 

  • Participants are guided into a meditative state and the facilitators uses various drum/rattle techniques to deepen the journey. Healing spirit songs and mantras are also used to guide the energy of the ceremony. 

  • At the close of ceremony, we will share our experience in tribal circle. Allowing for individuals to express their hearts is a powerful and welcome mirror for our sense of identity. This is the very essence of tribe and community.


It's best to allow space for a gentle evening after the ceremony. Many are able to hold a good multidimensional meditative state for at least 4-5 hours, allowing more time for deep work with much less mental or emotional fatigue.

  • We recommend not eating or only having a light snack for two to three hours before ceremony to help with absorption. One should avoid caffeine on the day of ceremony and alcohol the night before. Bring water! Skipping dinner is ok, Cacao gives you all the energy you'll need.

  • We advise wearing comfortable clothing and bringing anything you would like to help support your journey. Meditation pillows, blankets, stones, crystals, a journal to record your insights, or any of the various types of scrying cards are all welcome and encouraged. 

  • Please inform us if any of the following apply, as the dose may have to be adjusted:

  • Are on anti-depressants

  • Having chemotherapy

  • Are pregnant

  • Follow a 100% raw food diet

  • Have very low blood pressure or are on blood thinners

  • Are epileptic

Reserve your space today

Key West Yoga Sanctuary  
June 6 5:15-8pm  $40 Advance $45 Door

1130 Duval St


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