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Returning to the Land of their ancestors 


OCt 22-31 2019

The Yawanawá

Emã Sheni Shushuti-

celebrating the return to ancestral lands

You are invited to join us on a very unique sacred journey of connection, healing, ancestral- memory, celebration and self-knowledge in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the Yawanawá leaders and their people in celebrating their return to the land their ancestors once dwelled for the first time in many, many decades. This special celebration will feature the Yawanawá in full traditional spirit, reunited on the land they had once occupied as a single community. Access to the Sacred Village (Aldeia Sagrado) is normally only reserved for times of prayer or for deep preparation of their spiritual leaders. It is an immense privilege to embark on this deep Spiritual Journey, immersed in Yawanawá culture and celebration within their most sacred territory.  

CUltural Revival

The Yawanawá people's first contact with the non-indigenous world happened around the fourteenth century. It was an intense period of much conflict with the rubber barons and missionaries who invaded their lands and tried to forbid Yawanawá language, culture, and spirituality. This caused a great upheaval and the people, divided by differences in ideals and seeking to escape the pain brought by the memories of the land, eventually abandoned their Sacred Village, creating smaller villages along the Gregório river. It wasn't until the 1980s, that chief Biraci Nixiwaka led his people through the struggle for the lawful recognition of their native territories. With this, the Yawanawá became the first indigenous people to obtain the official rights to their lands in the state of Acre.


The Yawanawá have since then reclaimed their sacred medicines, rituals, song and dance, festivals, games, traditional body painting and adornment, artwork, and food in a profound journey of cultural revival.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 12.15.37
Putanny Yawanawá

Yawanawá spirituality was a sacred territory where never a woman had dared to step, for since ancestral times, it had belonged exclusively to men.

In 2005, two women, Putanny and her sister, Hushahu, made the sacred oath for the first time. They have since been recognized as the first women to undergo Yawanawá spiritual training. After a year of strict diet, they earned their communities' respect as spiritual leaders, and opened the way into this sacred path for many other Yawanawá women. A break in tradition that united the male and female universes - and brought the magic of feminine spirituality to strengthen the Yawanawá culture.

Chief Biraci Nixiwaka

The Yawanawá people are hospitable hosts and very honored to share their culture with those who wish to meet them. Chief Biraci Nixiwaka shares a lot of love for visitors, understanding that curious people come with love and sincerity in their hearts. He expresses that it is because people are curious about them, that they remain curious about themselves and are inspired to re-establish the ways they had lived before the missionaries had arrived and forbid much of their spiritual lifestyle.  Nixiwaka oversees the development of many projects in his community, including the current project of rebuilding the Sacred Village, ensuring cultural preservation, and the sustainable management of their ecological sanctuary. He is an exceptional orator, riveting story teller and a true visionary of the New Times humanity is presently embarking upon.


Sacred  Village Experience 

a Celebration for all we Share

A time for living fully

If there is one common theme among the many activities and sacred ceremonies we will participating it, it is one of gratitude and celebration. The Yawanawá people's life and spirituality are inextricably entwined and much of our time together will be spent sharing song and dance as we are guided through their purifying rituals. In order to allow for flexibility in what is needed for individuals and the group, as well as the for the individuals of the tribe, the program will not be rigid and one should come with an open mind and heart.


Our hospitable hosts are pleased to share their spirituality and philosophy of living with those that come seeking. The week we will spend with them promises a deep immersion into their communal ways as we learn from sharing their celebratory expression of life. The best intention is set to include in the program the following:

  • Both traditional Yawanawá and exceptional vegetarian cuisine

  • Study of their spiritual designs, known as Kene, through body painting 

  • Traditional storytelling and Jewelry/Crafts Bazaar

  • Traditional Yawanawá games- quite invigorating and fun to experience

  • Song Circles and workshop

  • Deeply introspective medicinal and shamanic ceremonies with Uni(Ayahuasca) and Kampu(Kambo frog excretion) with the full support of the village, their pajés (shamans), and medicine men and women.

  • Rapé ceremonies(medicinal tobacco snuff) and dedicated ceremonial day for rapé preparation. 

  • Excursions to visit various sights sacred the Yawanawá people.

Basic Itinerary

October 22- Arrival in Cruzeiro do Sul airport. Van to the Hotel  *Flights leave from all major Brazilian airports to Cruzeiro do Sul arriving in CZS airport at ​12:30 PM. ​There is only one flight per day.

October 23 -Van from the Hotel in Cruzeiro do Sul to São Vicente, on the banks of the Gregorio River from which we depart by boat to Aldeia Nova Esperança. (about 9-12 hour total journey depending on river conditions)

October 24-29- Yawanawa ​Emã Sheni Shushuti​- The Celebration in the Yawanawa Sacred Village

October 30-Return journey back to Cruzeiro do Sul. 

October 31- Breakfast at hotel and flights leaving Cruzeiro do Sul at 1305. 


All Inclusive Package

To ensure the most integrative experience and sublime enjoyment, we've made sure all your needs will be thoroughly met. We are honored to have you join us and share in our multi-layered journey together.

Blessings of Abundance

​Included during your stay

  • Contribution to the village for stay and all meals      We stay in traditional shelters (you must bring hammock/tent & sleeping gear)

  • Participation in all activities, shamanic ceremonies, workshops

  • 2 Nights hotel accomodation in Cruzeiro do Sul

  • Roundtrip transportation CZS airport-hotel-village

  • Bilingual and indigenous guides and assistant.

* Hotel for 2 nights depending on your planned arrival and departure dates.  

Additional preparation to consider​

(not included)

  • International and Domestic flights to Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, Brazil.

  • Meals during stay in Cruzeiro and while in transport

  • Camping equipment and gear. (Mosquito net hammocks can be hung in large communal hut fully sheltered from weather. Personal size tents are an option.)


Getting tHere

International arrival will pass through customs in one of several major Brazilian cities. From your port of arrival, you must take domestic flights to Cruzeiro do Sul (CZS) via Brasilia (BSB). Please ensure arrival to CZS no later than Oct 22nd


For your return journey, there is a departure flight from CZS onward with connecting flights to major Brazilian airports that departs at 1305 (Oct 31). Please plan your departure flight accordingly. 

Yawanawá Journey  Oct 22-31. 2019


$1000 Deposit required upon registration.

Balance to be paid in full upon by Oct 15.

Please Contact Rich :

          with any questions

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