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(n.)Union, Yoking

A philosophy teaching the suppression of all activity of body, mind, and will in order that the self may realize its distinction from them and attain liberation.

We live in an age where an individual's needs are as unique and colorful as the imagination. A private yoga class offers an opportunity to bring strength and awareness to the mind and body, customized to fit your schedule and your level of practice. From the humble beginner taking their adventurous first step onto the yoga path to the peaceful yogi warrior looking for a more advanced practice, I offer all levels my personal blend of yoga disciplines and philosophies which I draw from it's many varied schools.  I also like to incorporate a shamanic viewpoint of the energy body as well as animist movement medicines. I am honored to be here in service of each person's needs, and do so with enthusiasm and attention to detail. 

Personalized Instruction

Find below a few ideas for how we may cultivate your own personal practice or co-host a group of eager Yogis.


Yoga Beginnings / Refinement
I always wanted to try yoga but I'm not that flexible." Sound familiar?


So you are interested in taking that adventurous first step onto your yoga path but feel you don't have the flexibility or knowledge of where to begin with choosing a class.


Perhaps you've been practicing for some time but don't quite feel you have that deeper understanding of alignment of the core poses.


Either way, this class will jump start your learning curve and give you the confidence to practice competently and safely. 

Level Up!

Ready to take your yoga practice deeper?  The personal attention

that can only be found in an individualized program will take you to those satisfying breakthrough moments and bring your practice to the next level.


Whether it's finding a new place of comfort to sit longer in meditation, softening into deeper forward folds, or really nailing those handstands, private classes offer the opportunity to have a practice designed for your unique journey and aid progress in finding your own expression on the yoga path.

Yoga Tribe (group discounts)

Nothing beats a good journey with the company of friends.


Let's gather the tribe for a private group class on the beach!


Celebrate community and host an evening of yoga followed by professionally catered vegetarian cuisine. 


Have a weekly yoga lunch break with co-workers or get some teamates together for a strong conditioning practice. 

Further offerings

Yoga is a complete philosophy, a lifestyle, that extends beyond the physical practice we find most common in studios across the world. The benefits of the postures are undoubtedly what draws most people to begin with yoga, but the layers of the self continue to unfold and blossom with additional yogic disciplines. I integrate many of these practices in my regular instruction but can also share their bounty as a full class itself. These include but not limited to:

     Pranayama: Breath regulation and       extension of the subtle life force

     Japa: Devotional mantra technology to steady the mind, teach focus, and increase energy through vibration

     Meditation: Passive observation of the mental and body processes, creating space to know oneself better. Strengthens the mind and can lead to a greater sense of calm and mental control. 


Pricing is determined by a myriad of factors; location, number of classes, group size, and length of time are just a few. I am happy to offer pricing suitable for your personal financial needs as yoga should be available to all regardless of income.

Please contact me to discuss how I may be of service


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